Beard Balm Tip for Lengthening Beards

Our beard balm is fantastic for adding body, shine, and pliability to your mane. Scoop a bit out, rub it in your hand, and you go from a scraggly mess to a full, manly-as-fuck BEARD. 

But as your beard gets longer, you might start to notice it's not as effective. This happens to me every now and then, as my mane keeps growing. Every time there's another inch or so on there, I start to the balm not good any more? Am I using a bad batch? Oh God, did that bad batch go out to the customers?!

Nah. The problem is just that you (and I) need to use a bit more.

Beards grow slowly, and while we're using the balm, we get to where we can eyeball about how much we need to use. Scoop out that amount and you're good to go. But you slowly hit a point where that's not enough anymore. And let me tell you, add 10% more to what you normally use, and you're back in business, dude.

If you've been feeling a little thin in the beard lately, do yourself a favor and try adding just a bit more balm to your morning routine. You're going to have a hell of a day walking around with a renewed beard. You're a new man, my friend; or better than that, you're a fucking monster!

Beard Monster beard balm is so manly that women may become pregnant after coming in contact with your balmed up beard. This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.
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