Discontinued Beard Oil Scents - Witch's Brew and Four Horsemen

Discontinued Beard Oil Scents - Witch's Brew and Four Horsemen

When someone who works with fragrances creates a new scent, it's a big deal. Blood, sweat, and tears go into each new fragrance (figuratively, don't worry). We are proud of every beard oil we produce. Every scent is one of my babies. And it's never easy when I realize it's time to let one of my babies go.

But shit happens. And shit is happening, ya'll.

The Four Horsemen and Witch's Brew were created out of a desire to make natural fragrances that could not be derived from simple essential oils. I wanted a coffee fragrance and a pipe tobacco one, and neither existed in the form of an EO. I have a background in cooking, so I decided to infuse the oil with those ingredients in much the same way I've infused garlic or peppers into olive oil. The methodology took a little work, but I got it down and came up with something I was really proud of.

The problem, really, stems from the fact that no one makes coffee or pipe tobacco specifically for this process. With both products, companies work to insure a flavor that is relatively uniform from one batch to another. They're not quite as concerned about scent. So whatever coffee beans we bought, the next batch of the same exact thing often ended up smelling different from the previous one. The same happened with the pipe tobacco we sourced. As you may imagine, having to bring the two together, when the strength or specific smell of each one is so inconsistent, was a nightmare. A lot of guess work, filtering, testing, adding more. Hours, even full days were spent on a batch of Four Horsemen. It stopped being fun to make, and we had repeat customers who had loved the Four Horsemen the first time but hated it the second. Everyone was noticing the inconsistency. So it wasn't just in my head. And that meant it was time to make a change.

I don't like to discontinue scents. Even if it's not the most popular (Witch's Brew routinely graced the bottom 3 in terms of units sold), the people who use it tend to be big fans. So even if it's just a few people, it's a bummer to take away something they dig. But when they're not digging it as much anymore because my ingredients just are not cooperating, then no one is really going to be that sad to see them go.

In other words, it may be tragic to see them go, but ultimately they won't really be missed.

That's a little bleak. So let me re-frame it:

My decision was not to get rid of those two fragrances until I had something better to replace them. So I searched for unique essential oils. Things that others were not using, that would really fit in with our unusual way of doing things. And I did find two new scents that are fantastic. So there's your happy spin: from the ashes of these two fragrances will rise two new scents. Like a phoenix. Except less like a phoenix, and more like a Voodoo death god and a Great Old One.

If you have ordered a sample pack in the last few days, you might be getting these two oils in it, or you might be one of the last people to receive the old ones. If you get the old ones, and want to try the new ones, contact us with your order number and we'll shoot you the new guys for free.









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