New Beard Oils: Samedi and Cthulu

New Beard Oils: Samedi and Cthulu

The fact that we went so many years without these two monsters in our line up is simply inexcusable. We apologize for that, and we're ready to make it right. Well, we already did.

The Witch's Brew and Four Horsemen fragrances of beard oil, beard balm, beard wash and mustache wax may have been discontinued. We are all sad about that, with good reason. But there's even more reason to be flipping out with excitement. Because our two new scents are like, a billion times more awesome.

I'm Not the One Who's So Far Away

First up, just in time for Mardi Gras (as of time of writing this, exactly one month from the Fat Tuesday), we have Samedi beard oil. Named for Baron Samedi, the Voodoo loa of death, vice, and awesomeness. If you're not super up on your Voodoo lore, he was also the bad guy in the Bond flick Live and Let Die (well, a human criminal dressed as him). My girlfriend has been telling people he was also in the Princess and the Frog, although this appears to have been a character that looked and acted like him but had a different name.

So let's talk about the fragrance. One word there: Absinthe. You may not have had absinthe before, as statistically speaking you're in the United States (most of our customers are), where absinthe has been quietly legal for only the last few years. It's a very strong spirit flavored with anise and wyrmwood. This gives is a scent that is a lot like licorice on top, with an herbaceous base that's got just a hint of wood. The Samedi beard oil fragrance is the same. The top (the first scent that hits your nose) is licorice, under which you will smell herbal notes with a vaguely woodsy base. It's sweet and bold, and really unique.

The R'lyehian Temple

In the three years we've been operating, we've gotten precisely a billion requests for a Cthulu beard oil fragrance. We knew we had to get this one right, or ancient cosmic beings of immense power would likely tear our souls apart from another plane of existence. So we were really careful.

In the end, we came up with a very base, subtle fragrance that has what we call a slow burn. It's subtle, and after you put it on, it takes your nose a second to really take it in. It doesn't hit you hard, but just lightly. And it will be with you for a while. The scent leans heavily on fossilized amber, which has a musky, ozone kind of smell. And yes, real fossilized amber - the kind those misguided scientists at Jurassic Park found dinosaur juice in. It's just really old tree sap, so they can heat it and melt it down, refine it, and turn it into a fragrance resin. It's awesome. We've been putting it into the Vampire Hunter for years, but I wanted to let it shine with a new scent. There's a drop of vetiver in there to give it a light, distant smokiness, and immortelle, which has a musky, almost hay-like quality. To us, it's a sacred sort of fragrance, like what you'd expect in a temple. Just maybe not one on earth. Or...maybe one that was on earth but swallowed by the sea. There's a book about this...

The new scents are both available as a beard oil, beard balm, beard wash, or mustache wax. Kits are also available, and you'll find them in our sample packs from here on out.

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