Bigfoot Beard Oil by MONSTER Northwest Cedar Scent
Creature Beard Oil by MONSTER Frankincense Bergamot Scent
Dracula Beard Oil by MONSTER Cedarwood Rose scent
Ghostly Pirate Beard oil by MONSTER Spiced Blood Orange Scent
Invisible Man Beard Oil by MONSTER Unscented No Scent
Jack the Ripper Beard oil by MONSTER Lavender Vanilla Scent
Psycho Clown Beard Oil by MONSTER Blood Orange Vanilla Scent - Screamsickle!
Reaper Beard Oil by MONSTER Tea Tree Peppermint Scent
Vampire Hunter Beard Oil by MONSTER Leather Spice Scent
Viking Beard Oil by MONSTER Vetiver Cedarwood Scent
Witch Doctor Beard Oil by MONSTER Key Lime Coconut Scent
Wolfman Beard Oil by MONSTER Douglas Fir Balsam Scent
Zombie Killer Beard Oil by MONSTER Sweet Tea, Pine, and Honeysuckle Scent

Beard Oil - Half Ounce

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MONSTER Beard Oil is our flagship product - it's what we started with back in 2014. It's how we made our name, and we're damn proud of it.

This is our "bite size" option - a half an ounce, or 15 millileters. It should last anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on the size of your beard (and thus how much you use).

The base oil is a blend of three different oils - sweet almond oil for hair moisturizing, jojoba oil for skin health, and meadowfoam seed oil for both skin and the overall stability of the mixture.

All of our fragrances are made with essential oils, resins, absolutes and infusions - natural scent elements that are body safe and lack the "candle store" quality of synthetic fragrances.

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Comes with mini pipette for convenient oil extraction.

Ingredients: Sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, meadowfoam seed oil, fragrance (varies by scent), tea tree oil, lavender oil, grapefruit oil
  • Bigfoot: Northwest Cedar
  • Creature: Frankincense, vanilla, & bergamot
  • Dracula: Rose & cedar
  • Ghostly Pirate: Blood orange and spiced rum
  • Jack the Ripper: Lavender & vanilla
  • Psycho Clown: Blood orange & vanilla
  • Reaper: Tea tree & peppermint
  • Vampire Hunter: Spiced tobacco (strong clove & green tobacco)
  • Viking: Vetiver & cedar
  • Witch Doctor: Tropical citrus (strong lime)
  • Wolfman: Balsamic pine
  • Zombie Killer: Sweet tea, honeysuckle, and pine trees
  • Krampus: Frankincense & peppermint (December only)

Note: These are not ingredient lists. They are descriptions of the fragrances. If you have a sensitivity to any essential oil, ask us and we will let you know if we use it!

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