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Blood Bath Body Wash

Blood Bath Body Wash

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The average body wash is like a vampire: It sucks. They either dry your skin like a bad soap, or leave you feeling like you've got a wet film on your skin. That's not the case here. Our body wash gets you as clean as polished silver and leaves your skin as soft and smooth as a silk coffin lining - without feeling like it's still clinging to you afterward. 

When we set out to make a shower gel, we were focused entirely on quality. This might drive up our cost a bit, but we're not trying to sell dollar store bubble bath and pass it off as shower gel. Just try it once and you'll be hooked.

And don't worry about the red; it won't stain your skin, and the color is 100% organic.

The 8 or 16 oz. bottles of shower gel will last you quite a while, and our trademark Monster™ fragrances will invigorate and delight the senses when you use it.


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