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Bride Perfume

Bride Perfume

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Dark chocolate and wickedly sinister vanilla make up the profile of this perfume for female monsters. It's a perfume as durable and strong as the badass women it's made for. Or dudes. I mean, if you like chocolate, go nuts. There's no rules here, man.

The fragrance is sweet. When the mistress of the MONSTER Lair wears it out - as she almost always does - it gets attention. If you love the smell of chocolate and vanilla, you will love the way you smell in this. If your dude likes the smell of chocolate, he'll love the way you smell in this. Maybe there's someone out there who doesn't like chocolate, but so far, we've never met them.

Note to dudes: Getting this as a gift for your monster lady is a very good idea. They will like this. A lot.

  • 10ml roll-on bottle
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