Psycho Clown Bar Soap

Psycho Clown Bar Soap

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Remember those orange and vanilla ice creams on a stick you used to get? Did you ever wish you had a soap that not only looked, but also smelled like those? Maybe not...that is a really specific wish. But I'll bet now that it's been mentioned, you're probably thinking about it right?

Well good news! That's exactly what the Psycho Clown soap is all about. If you're not looking for exfoliation, or any other fancy ingredients, and just want a solid bar of soap that smells great and gets you clean, then look no further.

This here is an artisan, pure coconut oil soap handmade with mad science in the MONSTER Lair.  The lather is outstanding, the clean is unparalleled, and the gentle, moisturizing feel is perfection in a little 3" x 3" square.

Ingredients: Saponified coconut oil, water, natural fragrance, natural color