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Tattoo Care Kit

Tattoo Care Kit

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When you get fresh ink, you've got to take care of it afterward. Your artist will probably recommend two products - a tattoo balm, and lotion.

The balm is for use after the initial healing phase of the tattoo. Once the peeling is done, and the new skin is still fresh, thats when you need Freak Show tattoo balm. It's got healthy oils to keep your healing skin moisturized, and butter and wax to form a seal and protect it while letting it breath. 

Once the primary healing is done (all that fun scabbing and peeling), you'll still need to keep it well moisturized. That's where Dr. Frankenstein's Flesh Revival Cream comes in. Apply it a few times a day as needed. It's great for soothing that annoying itch that comes with the healing process - especially if you had to shave the area before the tattoo, cause that regrowing hair can make it itch something fierce.

Comes with 1 oz. tin of tattoo balm and 8 oz. bottle of lotion. 

Tattoo Balm Instructions: Apply a thin layer of balm to the tattoo area several times a day. Not too thick; you want a protective seal, but it needs to breath, too. Between applications, give if some breathing time. Always follow specific instructions from your artist!

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