MONSTER Sandalwood Folding Beard Comb
Sandalwood Folding Comb

Sandalwood Folding Comb

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To slay the nosferatu - to put them to the final death - not just any wood will do for a stake. According to Dr. Van Helsing, green wood is preferable, as it retains some of the life of the original tree (and thus greater power to overcome death).

We find the same to be true of wooden combs. While any wood can make a good comb, if you want to take your comb game to the next level, you've gotta go green.

That's why we've chosen green sandalwood for the construction of these new MONSTER folding combs. The more pliable nature of the wood makes them more resilient so the teeth are less prone to breakage. The sandalwood is so delightfully fragrant that you'll run the risk of being deemed a nutcase when people catch you regularly sniffing your comb (but you won't care - it's that good).

The teeth are long enough to comb a full beard, or straighten up your top mane.

And don't forget the extremely handy black carrying case that comes along with it. Both the case and the comb are engraved with the MONSTER skull logo and name.


Folded Length: 4.125 in., 105mm
Unfolded Length:7 in., 177mm
Tooth Length: .75 in., 18mm