At the commencement of October, in the year 2020, an ancient castle appeared from beyond the veil, phasing into being on a high cliff overlooking the MONSTER Lair. The Gravedigger recoiled at the sight; he had done the dirty deed of burying the castle's master over a century ago, and burned with shame to see that the burial had not taken. The vampire prince appeared on a high balcony, and evil laughter thundered throughout the valley.

The Vampire Hunter's eyes gleamed with purpose. The Reaper grinned; an old friend was back in the neighborhood, he said. The Creature suggested we take our new neighbor a casserole. And the Gravedigger . . . he slinked away, into self-imposed exile.

But they all knew one thing for certain; a new creature of the night would now join their ranks.

Dracula Lives!

We have replaced the Gravedigger with our newest fragrance: Dracula. It may smell familiar to old school fans and members of the Order of Monsters, because it's a little something we used to call Cemetery Rose. This fan favorite contains elements of rose and Texas cedarwood with traces of lavender and tangerine. It is floral yet masculine, with a strong wooden undertone.

Dracula is available in all beard products and kits.

Gravedigger has been discontinued.

Gravedigger beard oil will remain available throughout the month for anyone who wants one last bottle. Beard wash, beard balm, and mustache wax will remain available only until current stock is sold out. Sample packs will no longer include Gravedigger; it has been replaced by Dracula.


Dracula Beard Oil

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