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Backwood Badlands Bearded Beast Bundle

Backwood Badlands Bearded Beast Bundle

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Bigfoot: Northwestern Cedar
Wolfman: Douglas Fir & Balsam


Beard Oil: Sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, meadowfoam seed oil, fragrance (varies by scent), tea tree oil, lavender oil, grapefruit oil

Soap: Saponified coconut oil, water, fragrance (Wolfman includes ground douglas fir needles; Bigfoot contains ground western red cedar leaves)

In This Bundle

· Wolfman Bar Soap
· Wolfman Beard Oil
· Bigfoot Bar Soap
· Bigfoot Beard Oil
· Beard & Mustache Scissors

For the forest beasts out there, we present this bundle of beard oil and bar soap. Clean, oil, and soften up, and use the scissors to keep that wild mane of yours under control.

With this bundle you'll get two half-ounce bottles of beard oil, two bars of pure coconut oil soap, and a pair of professional-quality trimming scissors. The soap and oil feature our two main forest fragrances: Bigfoot (cedar) and Wolfman (douglas fir).

If you're an outdoorsman, you'll dig these. If you work for a living, you'll surely appreciate the 35% savings offered by this limited-time bundle price!
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