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Beard & Mustache Scissors

Beard & Mustache Scissors

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To keep your mane on point, you need to keep it in line. Trimming the hair of your beard and mustache is vital to its health, just as it is for the hair on your head. Time will wear down your hair, leaving you with split ends that will work their way all the way to the root and ruin the hair. You're also going to see uneven growth over time that will lead to a major problem with fly-aways and a generally unkempt look. 

Some guys use an electric razor to keep their beard or mustache in shape, but we do not recommend this method. Electric razors tend to rip hair at a ragged angle leaving the end frayed. A nice sharp pair of trimming scissors, on the other hand, will give an even cut. Sheers also provide more control; just imagine bringing that electric trimmer to your beard for a delicate buzz, when a sneeze suddenly hits. Now half your beard is in the sink. That's not going to happen when you've got the absolute control offered by scissors.

You can pay a hell of a lot of good trimmers. Ask your barber what theirs cost (you might want to sit down to hear the answer). And while those are some damn fine scissors, we always do our best to find you an affordable solution that does not sacrifice quality. That's why we offer up these trimmers. They have short blades, making it easier to get them into just the right position for that perfectly placed snip. The blades are terrifically sharp, and are unlikely to require sharpening for the lifetime of your beard. 

  • Perfect length for trimming
  • Precision aligned, perfectly straight blades
  • Comfortable, large finger holes
  • 4" in length
  • Colored black cause black is awesome
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