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Black & Bloody Hearts Bundle

Black & Bloody Hearts Bundle

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Hellfire: Cinnamon whiskey

Bride: Chocolate & vanilla swirl


Hellfire Soap: Saponified coconut oil, water, fragrance, cedar leaves, activated charcoal powder, mica

Bride Soap: Saponified coconut oil, water, fragrance, cocoa powder, mica

Cologne / Perfume: Fragrance, ethanol

In This Bundle

2 x Bar Soap (Hellfire & Bride)
2 x Fragrance (Hellfire & Bride)

The hearts & chocolate holiday is nearly upon us, and we've got your perfect gift covered. This is a "his & hers" soap and fragrance set. We've got your Valentine's chocolate covered with the Bride - a chocolate and vanilla swirl scented soap and cologne. We've also got something sweet and spicy; Hellfire is back for a limited time!

With this limited time bundle, you can save a few bucks versus buying each item individually. So for smart shoppers (and Monster's customers are no doubt the smartest out there), this is the way.

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