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Hellfire Bar Soap

Hellfire Bar Soap

Cedar scented soap with ground cedar leaves

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cinnamon whiskey

Meet the Monsters - Detailed Scent descriptions.


saponified coconut oil, water, fragrance, ground western red cedar leaves, charcoal powder, mica

Special Properties

A fan favorite that pops up every February, Hellfire smells remarkably like cinnamon whiskey. The fragrance is entirely natural. We're proud of this one, and we think you'll love it.

Hellfire soap is available for a limited time - just until February 14th.

Hellfire soap and cologne are also available with the Bride in the Black & Bloody Hearts bundle!

The soap is made with the same kickass coconut oil base as all of our soaps. This one contains some activated charcoal powder for extra cleansing, and a light dusting of ground cedar leaves for some light exfoliation.

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  • Coconut Oil

    100% Pure and Natural
    The most moisturizing soap oil with a wicked lather.

  • Cedar Leaves

    Dried and ground, these leaf bits harden during saponification and become a great exfoliator.

  • Charcoal Powder

    A natural detoxifier.

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A Word on Exfoliating Soaps

At MONSTER Flesh & Mane, we use four grades of exfoliation in our soaps.

These soaps do not have any exfoliation ingredients and thus require no special instructions.

With the finest grit, the exfoliating ingredients in these soaps will gently scrub away dead skin from the topmost layer. Less effective, but great for daily use. Use as normal.

These soaps have slightly coarser grit, or harder bits that will exfoliate a bit harder. If you just scrub away with these, you may cause some irritation and scratching of your skin. Slow it down a bit.

The exfoliating ingredients in these soaps are coarse or especially hard, and will seriously abrade away dead skin. Use slow, deliberate circles when scrubbing with these soaps. Not for every day use; use only as needed.