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Succubus Bar Soap

Succubus Bar Soap

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cinnamon whiskey

Meet the Monsters - Detailed Scent descriptions.

      • Bigfoot: Northwest Cedar
      • Bride: Chocolate & Vanilla
      • Creature: Frankincense & bergamot
      • Dracula: Cedarwood & Rose
      • Elizabeth Bathory: Lemongrass & Amber
      • Gentleman Jack: Lavender & vanilla
      • Ghostly Pirate: Spiced blood orange
      • Lilith: Rose & Mint
      • Marie Laveau: Sweet southern bourbon
      • Reaper: Tea tree & peppermint
      • Psycho Clown: Screamsickle (vanilla and blood orange)
      • Vampire Hunter: Leather & spice
      • Viking: Vetiver, cedar, & bergamot
      • Witch: Vetiver, lavender, frankincense & tangerine
      • Witch Doctor: Key lime & coconut
      • Wolfman: Douglas fir & balsam
      • Zombie Killer: Sweet tea & honeysuckle

      Note: These are not ingredient lists. They are descriptions of the fragrances. If you have a sensitivity to any essential oil, ask us and we will let you know if we use it!


      saponified coconut oil, water, fragrance, mica

      Special Properties

      The Succubus is a soap not merely crafted, but conjured in the shadowy depths of the underworld. With a base forged from the richest coconut oil, stolen from an island bathed in eternal moonlight, this bar harbors a dark secret - the intoxicating allure of cocoa powder, as dark and mysterious as the night itself. But beware, mortal, for this is no ordinary soap. Its scent, a bewitching melody of mint chocolate, whispers tales of forbidden pleasures, a scent so divine it could only be inspired by the enchantments of the netherworld.

      Each lather brings you closer to the realm of shadow and desire, where every wash not only cleanses your mortal shell but also tempts your spirit with the decadence of the dark side. The Succubus, with its velvety touch and sinister aroma, promises an experience beyond the mundane, a journey to the edge of temptation and back.

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      • Coconut Oil

        100% Pure and Natural
        The most moisturizing soap oil with a wicked lather.

      • A natural detoxifier.

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      A Word on Exfoliating Soaps

      At MONSTER Flesh & Mane, we use four grades of exfoliation in our soaps.

      These soaps do not have any exfoliation ingredients and thus require no special instructions.

      With the finest grit, the exfoliating ingredients in these soaps will gently scrub away dead skin from the topmost layer. Less effective, but great for daily use. Use as normal.

      These soaps have slightly coarser grit, or harder bits that will exfoliate a bit harder. If you just scrub away with these, you may cause some irritation and scratching of your skin. Slow it down a bit.

      The exfoliating ingredients in these soaps are coarse or especially hard, and will seriously abrade away dead skin. Use slow, deliberate circles when scrubbing with these soaps. Not for every day use; use only as needed.