Christmas Vacation - Sale & Anouncement


Update: Our flight was canceled, and we are leaving a week later than expected. We are keeping the sale active, but we should be shipping still for the next few days! We will let you know if anything else changes. 

Hey, Monsters!


Because Christmas / the winter holiday season is a time for hanging out with friends and family, we're giving everyone at the Monster Lair the week off, starting Dec. 22nd. This afternoon we hop on a plane to go visit relatives, and we'll be gone until the 28th. While we spend this week away, here's what to expect:


E-mail / Messaging: Lori and Austin will have their phones, and will stay in contact - but expect delays. We're with our family, and we're not answering your Facebook chat while we're celebrating!


Shipping: We will not be shipping any orders until the 28th. That means you'll see about a week delay in orders (assuming you order on the 22nd), but take heart, because...


Sale: We are offering 20% off of all orders starting on the 22nd. No limit to the order size. That's our way of saying thanks for continuing to support us even with the shipping delay! We're still a small business, and Christmas time ain't cheap!


Remember to use the code "YULE22" to get that 20% off deal!


We'll see y'all when we get back next week!


- Austin & Lori
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