Want MONSTER Flesh & Mane products in your barber shop, salon, boutique, or whatever? Wicked!

We offer wholesale pricing for all of our products, with the exception of swag items, and our kits and bundles (we just wholesale the individual products - feel free to sell them as a bundle in your shop).

Contact us with the link below if you'd like to get your hands on a sweet sweet MONSTER Flesh & Mane wholesale catalog. If you have questions, we'd like to offer up a few answers right off the bat, so read on.


Q: Do you offer wholesale pricing for online stores?

A: Not usually, but we make exceptions. We do not allow any marketplace sales (eBay, Amazon, Etsy, etc.), but if you've got a legit website that you think our products might be a good fit for, hit us up and we'll check it out.

Q: What is the minimum order?

A: Our minimum order is $250 for your initial order, and $150 for reorders.

Q: Is there a MAP policy?

A: Yes. It's included in the catalog, but the basics are - you sell for the same price we do. You can sell our products for MORE than we do, but not less.

Q: Do you offer wholesale to customers outside the USA?

A: Yes, but be aware that shipping will be costly, and you may have customs duties to pay.

Click here to contact us for a wholesale catalog!