• "I could smell both soaps on me hours after I showered. It wasn't strong like cologne, it was strong enough to smell and not be obnoxious."

    T. Fudge

  • "I have bought several sample packs and they are amazing...great gift for any bearded person."

    K. Whitlock

  • "Don't sleep on these soaps, people!!!! The scent lasted a long time after the shower and wasn't overpowering."

    Josh T.

  • "Y'all's soap helps with my dry skin and I love y'all's soap." "

    T. Smith

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  • Beard

    Tame That Monster Mane. Clean. Condition. Soften. Perfect. Improve your beard, fight... 

  • Soap

    Pure Coconut Oil Soap Handmade in the USA. Unique scents. All super-natural.... 

  • Body

    Purify & Perfect the Flesh All the tools you need to improve... 

  • Accessories

    All the Tools You Need. Tame that mane with our brushes, combs,... 

  • Hair

    For the Top Mane. Clean, condition, and style with shampoos for men,... 

  • Kits & Bundles

    More Bang for Your Buck. Combo packs priced to stretch that paper.... 

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Monsteshop Quartet

Our most popular bundle, four years running. Choose your scent and beard oil volume (1-4 oz.)

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Made by madmen for monsters, men, and all creatures of the night.

  • Beard Oil

    To tame the beastial mane.

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  • Pure Coconut Oil Soap

    To purify the flesh while respecting your natural oil.

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  • Boar Bristle Brush

    The best tool for beard grooming, and we've got a damn good one.

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  • Kits & Bundles

    We're here to repair the economy with these money-saving bundles.

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