How to Use Beard Oil

1. Purchase Monster beard oil. (CRUCIAL!)

2. Take the dropper and drop 4-5 drops of oil into the palm of your hand. You may need more if you've got a longer beard. Don't use too much - a little oil goes a long way.

3. Rub the oil between your palms.

4. Work the oil into your dry beard by first combing your fingers through the hair. Start by combing it in upward from the underside of your beard, then by wiping downward.

​​5. Be sure to massage the oil into the skin under your beard as well, where hydration is crucial. 

Alternative: The Four Corners Method

1. Drop a drop of beard oil at the "four corners" of your face (two at the jaw, two on either side of the chin). Be sure to drop the oil under the hair, directly onto the skin.

2. Add a few drops into your palm. Rub the oil between both palms.

3. Work the oil into your beard and skin by sliding your fingertips under the hair and first rubbing the oil into your skin at the four corners, then combing and wiping your fingers through the hair.


  • ​The fragrance will last a few hours, but even once it has faded, the oil will still be working. You shouldn't need to apply more than once a day. If you find that your beard is drying out between applications, add a couple more drops next time.
  • The ideal time to apply oil is after a shower, when your beard is nice and clean. Wait until it dries first, though; remember, oil and water don't mix.
  • Beard oil is good for beard of all sizes. Even fledgling beards can benefit from the nutrients in the oil. Vitamin E, in particular, has been shown to promote hair growth, and the natural oils present will combat the itchy, dry skin that often causes would-be beardsmen to reach for the razor.
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