New Oil Labels

Over the next few weeks, we are slowly going to be rolling out our new black labels for our beard oil bottles. They are showing with the new black labels on the beard oil section of our website already, but we are going to use up the last of our old tan labels before we start using the new ones. The contents will be the same, so don't worry about that; it's just new stickers that, I feel, fit our identity better. 

Beard Monster is a different kind of beard product. From the beginning, we have tried to set ourselves apart. Where every other company wants to sell you the image of the "bearded gentleman," we recognize that not everyone wants to be the Monopoly guy. That's why black has always been our color. Look at our beard balm, mustache wax, and beard wash; all black labels. The site is primarily black. Our logo is black. But our beard oil labels are...tan?

You see the disconnect there.

So we're bringing everything into sync, more or less. There are going to be some packaging changes coming too which will impart a very different look to our products. But always remember: the products themselves will remain the same! You're going to get the same hydrating and softening effects from our beard oils that you always have - and always will. You'll just look a little bit cooler while you're doing it.

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