7 Beard Myths

Myth: Beards contain fecal bacteria.

Fact: Beards can contain fecal bacteria. So can anything. There is, in fact, probably more crap on your phone than in your beard. Your whole body would be covered in it if not for that advent of soap. Wash yourself and you won't have this issue. Same goes with beards. Uh...keep the soap off your phone, though.

Myth: If you don't see a good beard in a few weeks, you're not going to.

Fact: Beards can take quite a long time to grow. The average growth is 5.5" in a year, which breaks down to less than half an inch in a month. Some guys expect a ton of growth after just a few weeks, but in reality you're not likely to see even a full inch until you're into your 8th or 9th week. And remember, that number is average - so while you might see a foot long yeard and get jealous, remember yours might just be on the low end of the chart. Maybe you see 3 inches in a year. That just means you'll have to be more patient.

Myth: Light colored beards don't look good.



Fact: Though we have customers tell us this, the fact is there are some excellent blonde beards out there. 

Myth: My beard just won't grow in some spots.

Fact: It almost certainly will. Sometimes there are bald spots that take a while to grow in, but give it a few months. Your beard might come in looking a little patchy, but it will eventaully fill in. There are medical reasons why certain areas absolutely will not grow, but it is much more likely that you just need to give it more time.

Myth: Shaving makes beard and mustache hair grow back thicker and stronger.

Fact: Shaving makes your beard disappear. That's all. Shaving to promote growth is an old wives tale.

Myth: You can't get a job if you have a beard.

Fact: Many entery-level corporate jobs (i.e. retail sales, fast food worker, etc.) do have strict (some might say draconian) personal grooming standards. However, outside of those professions, bosses tend to be pretty cool about it. Especially with the recent popularity of beards, few hiring managers will turn you out when you're interviewing for an office job just because there is hair on your face.

Myth: Beards make you hotter in the summer.

Fact: While a lot of dudes end up shaving in the summer because they think it will make them cooler, most will end up unsatisfied with the results. With their ability to keep sunlight off your face, and to act as your own personal evaporative cooler, beard can actually keep you feeling cooler than a baby face.

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