We are making a massive, gigantic move from suburban Atlanta to Vancouver, Washington. It's been a long time coming, and things are very hectic here right now, but we're almost ready to get in the truck and make our way out west.

Shipping on all orders from now until our arrival on the west coast will be delayed. That sucks, we know. So you know what?

Yep, we're doing free shipping on all orders this week with the coupon code MOVINGBEARD. I mean, if we're going to delay it a little bit, we can't rightly charge you the normal amount for shipping.

Plus, if you order $10 and up, you'll also get a free beard monster comb! The combs are normally $10, so you're getting a heck of a deal there. 

That's just our way of thanking you all for your patience and your loyalty to our brand. We love you guys with all our twisted, black hearts.

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