2016 Line Changes

2016 Line Changes

Line Changes

For 2016, we've got some big changes in our fragrance line-up. For the most part, things smell the same, but names have been changed (in this case, not to protect the innocent).

The biggest change has been in the naming of the mustache waxes and beard washes. When we first starting out, we created five fragrances of beard oil, and soon started making the balms along with them. When it came time to create our mustache waxes, I felt like we were missing a creative opportunity if we just used the same scents in them. Thus, I created "complimentary" fragrances - scents that were not the same, but would pair well with the other ones (Cemetery Rose with Zombie Killer, Henry Avery with Ghostly Pirate, etc.). But like so many things we do in life, six months later I found myself wondering why I had done that. When I made my next scents - Witch's Brew and Death's Garden - I thought, "let's just use the same scents in them that we use in the oil and balm." So everything works together. But I felt trapped with regard to the others. People really liked the Yeti, Dracula, etc. I didn't want to get rid of products that people liked.

Fortunately, I came up with some changes that would give us the best of both worlds. Those are:


- The Tropical Pandemonium line is now the Witch Doctor. I had initially intended to name this scent like this, but balked when I thought it might be somehow offensive. All someone had to do as ask me "offensive to who?" for me to realize that there probably aren't a lot of Witch Doctors out there who would get upset about this, so I decided to make the change.
- The Witch Doctor has a new essential oil added to give the fragrance a slight hint of coconut as well (it's not coconut oil - it's an EO that smells like coconut, but there is no actual coconut EO). Otherwise it's the same.

Mustache Wax

- The Yeti is gone. But the fragrance is now the Death's Garden mustache wax. Instead of being tea tree and mint, the DG wax is now vanilla mint. In place of the Yeti (at least in the Bigfoot kits) will now be the Bigfoot wax - same scent as the Bigfoot balm and oil.
- Full Moon is gone. It has been replaced by Wolfman wax, using the same pine scent at the Wolfman balm and oil.
- Dracula wax has been renamed Vampire Hunter wax, but has the same spice scent.
- Henry Avery has been replaced by Ghostly Pirate wax, which uses the same scent as the GP balm/oil. This is very similar to old Henry Avery, but with a couple of extra elements (the HA was basically a simpler GP).
- Cemetery Rose has been replaced by Zombie Killer wax. This is still something of a "complimentary" wax, as it does not use the exact ZK scent, but a few elements from it (notably I don't put tobacco in it, just like I don't put it in the Dracula/Vampire Hunter wax; because of how mustache wax is applied, you're going to be swallowing little bits of it throughout the day, so I prefer to keep the tobacco out).
- Future, similar changes are coming to the Firm Hold line - stay tuned.

Beard Wash

- Bluff Creek has been replaced with Bigfoot Beard Wash. Same scent as the other Bigfoot products, and very similar to Bluff Creek (without the pine, basically).
- Wolf's Bane has been replaced with Wolfman Beard Wash. Same scent as WM products.
- Dr. Van Helsing's Purifying Beard Wash has been replaced by Vampire Hunter beard wash. Same scent as the VH stuff.
- Port Royale Sunset has been replaced by Ghostly Pirate Beard Wash. Same scent as GP oil/balm. Not much of a change from PRS, just a bit more spice.
- Honeysuckle Buckshot has been replaced by Zombie Killer Beard Wash. This one has actually always been the same scent as the ZK oil and balm, but the name needed to change to be in line with the others. Which kinda sucks, because I love that name, right?
- You'll notice a difference in the labeling, too. Rather than the wrap-around, there are two separate pieces, with all the ingredients/direction info on the back label.

New Products

- We've got a new t-shirt available with the slogan "Never Shave, Never Die." Beard Monsters are immortal you guys. I should have mentioned.
- We've also got some sweet new iron-on patches available.
- Also of note, we've sold out of one model of t-shirt that we'll be retiring now that it's totally gone. It's already off the site, so you may have noticed.

Boxes Are Back

- Our wooden box guy got hella backed up over Christmas, and we got all we could out of him. He's been diligently banging away at it though, and we just got in a new shipment from him. So the boxed kits are back! Bagged kits will remain available for the time being; we'll see how demand looks, and if it's high even with the boxes back, we may keep them around.
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