This weekend we are offering a flash sale, wherein you - yes YOU - can get a FREE 2 oz. Skull Beard Oil with any $40 purchase (multiple items fine). Here's how it works:

1. Put $40 worth of stuff in your cart.

2. Cruise over to our Beard Oil page and select the 2 oz. Skull you want.

3. Proceed to checkout, and use the discount code BOGOSKULL. The skull's price will change to 0!

4. Finish checking out.

A few notes: This can't be used with subscriptions or with the multi-soap discount. That's just a function of how discount codes work in our cart (both of those things have automatic discounts and you won't be able to use the BOGOSKULL discount with it. Obviously this can't be combined with any other coupon codes, and it ends March 30, 2022.

Edit: You guys have gone bananas over this so we've extended the promo to April 15th.

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