Austin & Lori - the duo that makes up MONSTER Flesh & Mane - have gotten married! It took 12 years, but hey...better late than never!

Weddings are a chaotic mess, but guess what? Now the fun time comes. We're going to Florida for a week and a half for our honeymoon!

Er . . . incidentally, that means that no one is going to be here to ship packages. That's the drawback of the small, family business situation; if you go out of town, you've gotta flip that door sign from "open" to "closed" till you get back.

But don't despair! Because this means you get a break on shipping costs. How much of a break, you ask? How about 100%. That work for ya?

Yea baby! Shipping is free on ALL ORDERS placed between now and September 3rd when we get back.

Just use the discount code: HONEYMOON.

And we'll see you psychos when we get home!

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