New Layout

New Layout

Anyone with eyes can see we've got a new layout for our website. The more astute observer may have noticed that, over the past few months we've been changing a lot more than that. In case you've missed any of that, though, here's an explanation for some of the changes going on around here.


Both the biggest and smallest change we've made is in our name. We've always been known as Beard Monster, but over the last year we've started making cologne, body wash, hair shampoo, lotion, and a whole host of wicked new items that aren't just for your beard. So while we've been slow about making the change, we're starting to go by just MONSTER - dropping the "Beard." Due to our URL, a lot of people kinda thought we were called "Monster Beard Care" anyway. You might be one of those people. If so, congrats - you were kinda right, just ahead of your time!


If you typed in MONSTERBEARDCARE.COM to get here, you may have noticed we pulled the ole switcharoo on ya. Look up there - not what it says anymore, is it? Keeping with our theme of transforming from beard-only to a more all-inclusive men's line, we'll now be MONSTERFORMEN.COM. This means our e-mail address is changing too; we will now be It's 3 letters shorter, because we value your time. Nah, that's not why. We do though.

You'll probably notice that BEARD stuff is still our main focus. And it is! That's the category with the most stuff, and probably will be for a while. Speaking of those categories . . .


We have three main categories on our website now. We did this because as we kept adding new items, what item was found where on the site began to get a little confusing. So now we've got three main categories - Mane, Flesh, and Head (that's beard, body, and hair). What's in each category should, we hope, be pretty self-explanatory. There is a fourth category on the main page for Swag items, too.

Product Pages

Do you order more than one fragrance of oil, balm, wash, or wax at the same time? Hey, guess what: a lot of people do. And yet we've always had every fragrance on an individual page. To make that process quicker and easier for you, we've grouped all fragrances onto one page now. So instead of a page for Bigfoot oil, a page for Creature oil, a page for Gravedigger oil, etc., now all beard oil is on ONE PAGE. Same with beard balm, beard wash, and mustache wax. All kit items have always been this way, so there's no change there. 

Also, those pesky tag clouds are gone from the product pages, replaced by drop-down menus. We do not miss the tag clouds. I suspect you won't either.  They were the worst.

That's It

That covers everything, I think. The changes LOOK big, but in terms of our products and the process of ordering said products, everything is the same. We haven't changed up our formulas, the fragrances are the same, and we're not doing any new products at this time (but come on, you know we're working on more right now).

If there's anything you're not sure about, or if you notice anything weird, shoot us an e-mail. Just, ya know . . . use now. 

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