The NEW Sinister Stash

The December 2022 Sinister Stash brings some big changes to MONSTER's most popular subscription box. We're going to outline these changes below, so you can know everything there is to know about the new system. Now when they ask about it as the next bar trivia night, you'll dominate.


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Here's a key takeaway to start out:

If you're currently a Sinister Stash subscriber, NOTHING HAS CHANGED about your subscription!

One Time Purchases

Historically, the Stash has been a subscription-only service. This helps our small business have a clear picture of how many items need to be produced for each upcoming Stash. As a result we don't have to worry about under-producing, which helps the boxes to go out on time and keeps our production less chaotic.

However, you guys have been asking for years to see an option for a one-time purchase without having to subscribe. And we'd be nowhere as a company if we didn't give our customers what they want. So we have opened the Stash up to one-time purchases.

One-Time Purchases will be available only for the last 5 days of the month. 

This is solely a logistical thing, to ensure that one-time purchases don't have to wait long to see their order ship (subscribers already know to expect their Stash every 30 days).


We are now offering three different tiers of the Sinister Stash.

Flesh & Mane

This is the traditional version of the Sinister Stash. It includes beard oil, beard balm, beard wash, beard conditioner, soap, and cologne (one of each item). This is the most comprehensive box, and also the best value ($61 of gear at $50 for subscribers). If you are a current Stash subscriber, you are already subscribed to this box.


This box contains only the beard tools - beard oil, balm, wash, and conditioner.


For those who love our soaps but don't need beard grooming tools, this box contains 3 bars of soap plus a bottle of our very popular cologne.


Obviously with three levels of the Stash now, there are three prices. But there are also two pricing options for each tier: Subscriber and One-Time Purchase. Subscriptions get a significant discount. This is to incentivize subscribers (duh). We still prefer the subscription model as the numbers can change so much from month to month, which complicates our production process.



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