The Resurrection Continues

The Resurrection Continues

July is the second month of our three-month event Resurrection Summer. Three fragrances from ages past that were retired are coming back for one month each, giving you an opportunity to try oils you either never tried, or haven't tried in years.

This month's fragrance might be our most requested retired scent: Four Horsemen. This was one of our premium oils for a couple of years. It's scent is coffee, tobacco, leather, & musk. The process of infusing coffee and tobacco with the oil is far more involved than our other fragrances (which use essential oils and resins, which easily mix into oil). That's why we ended up retiring it. But we're breaking out the old hardware to do it for one more month.

Don't miss your chance.

June's fragrance Ectoplasm has now faded back beyond the veil once again. If you missed it and you're bummed, we still have a bit of the fragrance left can can whip up an oil as a custom order - just send us an e-mail. Supplies are real limited there, though.

Checkout all the new Four Horsemen beard products here.

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