MONSTER Flesh & Mane has been around since 2014.


A Brief History of MONSTER

In 2014, we started selling beard oils on Etsy under the name Beard Monster. The product labels were embarrassingly bad, the fragrances needed some work, but the oil worked. It worked damn well. So we started to grow.

Flash forward to 2017, and we've started to introduce a few new products - a body wash and lotion at first, but soon more. As our catalog of non-beard products grew, something became increasingly obvious: our name was a little off. Since we were no longer just a beard company, we dropped the "Beard" and just became MONSTER We soon realized that MONSTER is also a resume website and an energy drink, so we clarified it to MONSTER Flesh & Mane, and changed our URL to

Then we made a line of products for women.

So, the "for men" part of the URL was a little short-sighted, wasn't it? Obviously.

It wasn't long before we realized we would eventually need a better URL. It was, however, quite a long time before we came up with one.

The New URL

As we've developed more and more new scents (some seasonal, many for the Sinister Stash), we've also developed a sort of loose mythology around the monsters that represent our fragrances. Part of that mythos is that all these monsters dwell in an ancient castle.

The Monster Lair.

Given that this is the domain of the monsters, it struck us that this would also make a good URL for our company's website. So we've made the change.

Practically, nothing will change for our users. will still redirect to this site (for that matter, so will if you somehow haven't updated your bookmarks in years).

But we do need to let you know, so that you don't freak out when you see the URL change on you.

Keep rippin' it up out there, monsters.

- The MONSTER Team

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