Transforming the Creature

Transforming the Creature

Here's the thing about Frankenstein's monster. Now and again, old parts have to be removed and replaced with new parts. That's both the blessing and curse of being a steampunk clockwork zombie.

And like that monster, the time has come for us to make a little change in our Creature's anatomy.

The Transformation

This all started a couple of months ago. Austin - head (mad) beard scientist at MONSTER Flesh & Mane as well as avid third-person writer - regularly makes himself creative new beard oil scents. Some of them are awful. Some of them become fragrances for the Sinister Stash. But some of them are destined for a greater purpose.

Case in point: a mixture of bergamot, vanilla, and frankincense. It's a lovely scent; warm, spicy, smooth and sweet. Austin liked it so much he thought to make it a member of the regular line-up of fragrances. But the rules in the black grimoire that govern our business state that there can be only 13 scents (12 plus the Invisible Man). So something would have to get the axe. But which one?

And then came a critique about the scent from beard mistress Lori. "It smells like the Creature, but better."

Now, I'm not going to wheel out the sales numbers here, but let's put it this way: The Creature is...not for everyone. Some people love the bold, spicy nature of it. Some people find it too strong and kinda weird. There are more people in the second category.

So the path forward became pretty clear at that point. Nothing had to go away; we just had to change the Creature formula and use this one instead. Basically, we're swapping the current formula's cedar for vanilla. The result is a fragrance that replaces the Creature's legendary (or notorious, depending on which camp you're in) boldness with a smoother, mellower feel.

What Remains

While there is still stock of the original Creature on the shelf, it will remain available as individual items (beard oil, beard balm, beard wash, beard conditioner, and mustache wax).

Those remaining stock items will be clearance priced for now at 50% off. If you are a fan, buy up all you want, cause this is your last chance to get the classic formula.

Kits, bundles, and combos for the Creature will be temporarily unavailable.

Sample packs will include the NEW formula starting today (September 27). Grab one if you want to try it, but don't purchase one of the clearance items if you want more of that - cause you'll be getting the old formula.

The Way Forward

We expect most of these items to be sold out in a few days. When you see the prices return to normal, and the kits and bundles become available again, then you will know that we are using the new scent! The "scents" tabs on the various product pages will also be updated to reflect the new scent, so you can double check there if you want to be sure.

We hope you dig the new Creature scent. It's pretty awesome. If you've tried the Creature before and found that it just wasn't for you, I'd urge you to give it another shot. We may have only changed one ingredient, but it really is an entirely new aroma.

Check out the links below to go directly to the clearance-priced Creature items.

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