Beard Products for Fierce Beardsmen

Beard Monster makes beard oil, beard balm, beard wash, and mustache wax for fierce beardsmen. Looking to be a dapper gentleman, complete with top hat and monocle? Try every other beard product company. Here you'll find products for a darker sort. The different. The independent. What we call Beard Monsters.

Every beard oil seems to market to a specific sort of man. They sell you on the notion that with this oil, you'll become George Clooney with sleeve tattoos. So, what's wrong with that? Well, maybe you don't want to be George Clooney. Maybe you want to be Rob Zombie. So where's the oil for a monster like you?

Our serums, waxes, and beard shampoos improve the health, appearance, and even texture of your beard. They'll help you grow if you're new to beard life by conditioning your face for ideal hair growth, cutting out the itch and dandruff that drive a lot of neonates to shave. They'll give you control over that wild mane of yours once it's longer so that it won't drive you crazy. They'll help you clean your beard without leaving it dried out. And thanks to our unique fragrances, which are exotic, mysterious, and masculine, they'll give off a killer smell while doing it.

We hope our products work for you. If not, we'll thank you for giving us a chance and hope you find something that does. We know Beard Monster isn't for everyone. But if you're of a particular sort - and we hope you are - then you'll absolutely love them.