Meet the Monsters

Detailed descriptions of the signature, sinister scents of our many monsters.

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  • Bigfoot

    Northwestern Cedar

    Made with four kinds of cedar, this scent is like the lumber aisle as a hardware store.

  • Bride

    Chocolate Vanilla Swirl

    Smells just like it sounds, with the balance on the chocolate side. Popular with women, but hey, who doesn't like chocolate?

  • Creature

    Frankincense Monster

    A mellow blend of warm vanilla, resinous frankincense, and the light citrus bite of bergamot. This one has a warm, exotic edge.

  • Dracula

    Cemetery Rose

    Primarily made with rose and atlas cedar (the "sweet" cedar), this fragrance is mellow and lightly floral, evoking an antique feel.

  • Elizabeth Bathory

    Lemongrass & Amber

    Bright, buttery lemongrass sits atop a leathery amber base. Notes of frankincense are just detectable at the top.

  • Gentleman Jack

    Lavender Vanilla

    Floral, warm, a bit sweet, a bit exotic. Fun Fact: Studies have shown lavender and vanilla light up the pleasure centers of the male brain more than any other scents.

  • Ghostly Pirate

    Spiced Citrus

    Prominent blood orange with spices. You'll note clove, cinnamon, and a trace of anise, with a vanilla base.

  • Invisible Man

    Is "unscented" a scent? Either way, that's what the Invisible Man offers. If you don't or can't use products with fragrance, try this.

  • Lilith

    Rose & Mint

    Based on a tea we used to get at a local shop that blended Morrocan mint green tea with rose hips. The scent is floral and fresh.

  • Marie LaVeau

    Sweet Southern Bourbon

    This scent is made primarily with labdanum - a spicy, resinous, woody oil with a strong resemblence to whiskey - and a bit of wormwood (absinthe) oil.

  • Psycho Clown


    Sweet blood orange and the comforting warmth of vanilla bring to mind frozen summer treats and orange cream sodas.

  • Reaper

    Melaluca Mint

    Our coolest, most refreshing / invigorating fragrance. Made with cool peppermint and tea tree, the scent is crisp and clean. (Note: this one is great in bath products!)

  • Vampire Hunter

    Leather & Spice

    The combination of amber and vanilla with a heavy helping of clove bud oil creates a blend that is mysterious and masculine.

  • Viking

    Valhallan Vetiver

    A strong, masculine scent. Texas cedarwood and vetiver evoke earth, wood, and smoke. A small amount of citrus oils lighten and freshen things up a bit.

  • Witch

    A mystical scent with a base of vetiver and frankincense and a light lavender top. Smells like expensive incense.

  • Witch Doctor

    Tropical Pandemonium

    Key lime, just a bit sweeter mellower than ordinary lime oil, blends with the aroma coconuts, backed up by a twist of vanilla and tangerine. A very summery scent.

  • Wolfman

    Lupine Fir

    Made primarily with Siberian and Austrian silver fir, but rounded out by a bit of orange and ylang ylang that make this fragrance not just smell like trees, but like a forest.

  • Zombie Killer

    Honeysuckle Buckshot

    Our tribute to our home in Georgia. A combination bergamot, lavender, and silver fir. It evokes those summer nights in the deep south; the scent of the woods, the blooming honeysuckle, and that glass of sweet tea in your hand.

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