The bombs have fallen. The survivors have been mutated, but it could be worse - everyone else is just a zombie. When the dust settles, who will be the sole survivor?

Sole Survivor Contest!

The Mutant Survivor soaps come with labels adorned with one of four different pieces of art (by our artist Jeicob Orozco). When you order the soap, you will get one of these four characters at random - Spencer Spack, Vantucky Bill, Sgt. Mike, or Clyde.

One of these survivors will be sent out on only one bar of soap, to only one customer. That one will be denoted as the Sole Survivor on the label, and will come with a special code that will get you April's Sinister Stash for FREE!

The winning order will be complete luck-of-the-draw, so regardless of when you buy or how many, everyone's got a shot at the prize!