Peppermint Oil: Don't Fear the Reaper

Looking to stay cool in the summer? Here's a trick: Peppermint oil.

Air conditioning, ice, cold water - these things are obviously useful for staying cool. But when the weather gets as hot as it has been (even up here in the Pacific Northwest it's been over 90 every day for the past week, and the forecast shows that ain't about to let up), it can be great to get a little extra help. Just like keeping a wicked beard takes a fully stocked arsenal, you can use every weapon you can get in the war against this f***ing heat.

Peppermint oil contains something called menthol (all MINT stuff does). We won't bore you with a chemistry lesson, but basically, menthol can trick your nerves into thinking that they're cooler than they are. It's the opposite of capsaicin in a sense. You know how spicy food makes you feel hot? In the same way, menthol makes you feel cool.

Menthol-containing substances like peppermint oil should only be used topically when diluted. And what luck! That's the form we offer it in.

We invite you to check out our REAPER fragrance, and feel the cooling sensation it offers.

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