Shout Outs

Our Instagram page is pretty popular, and we get a lot of requests for shout outs. Because of that, we've had to institute some rules for getting your picture up on the page.

1. Customers get priority. If you're a customer, send us a picture with your product and you'll rocket to the front of the line. Customers will probably be put up within a day or so; otherwise, it will probably be a couple of weeks. If you're really itching for a shout out, consider becoming a customer by picking up some beard oil or a tin of beard balm!

2. Please send quality pictures. That mirror selfie you took in your underwear isn't getting on our page. If you need some help, there are some great articles out there about the basics of Instagram photography.

3. Keep your pictures in keeping with the theme of our page. Beard Monster is for the alt crowd. We're all about indie, metal, goth, grunge - anything outside the mainstream. We're a little edgier and darker than the typical beard company. So while we love all these pictures we get of dudes lifting at the gym, we're just not really a fitness page, so that picture would look a little out of place. The same goes for half naked, dimly lit, bedroom selfies. I'm flattered, but I'm not featuring your pic.

4. Expect a little tweeking of your photo. If the photo you are sending is your artistic vision and you don't want any editing, don't send it. I use some special filters to give everything a similar look, which usually alters the lighting and color of the photo just a bit. Fan of the page also know I like to post pictures with text on them, and if your picture is really good, I might use it for one of those. If that's not okay, don't send!

5. Be patient. Don't be bitchy about how long it takes to get your shout out. We have a lot of request, and we only post 2-3 times a day. And at most 2 of those are shout outs. If you are not a customer, you will probably be waiting a while. And when I get that message that says "um, you haven't featured my picture yet" I generally just delete the picture. 

6. Just send the picture to us. We get several DM's a day of a photo that has been sent to a dozen other pages. We like to feature unique content, so if you're sending your pic to a bunch of other pages, we are going to assume one of them will end up featuring it, so we won't. If you want a feature on our page, send a pic for our page! 

We love featuring our followers' pics, but we've got to keep our page awesome! Just follow these rules, and you'll get your feature!