Do you find that you buy the same products from us on a monthly basis? Every month you need a bottle of beard oil, a bottle of beard conditioner, and a couple bars of soap. So every month, when you're starting to get low, you pull out the phone, load up the site, add everything to your cart (again) and check out (again).

If you're doing it regularly, then why not put it on auto-pilot? Our system will keep your order on file, as your payment method. Then, you'll receive your order every 30 days. Never worry about running out. Never even have to think about it. More things in life should be like that.

This makes things easier on us, too. So we offer a discount on any subscription order, and sometimes bonus goodies too - even more reasons to subscribe!


How can I skip or reschedule a charge?

You can skip or reschedule the charge in the customer portal. Each scheduled delivery will have a Skip payment button next to it, which you can use to skip the charge. You can reschedule the charge by clicking on the Reschedule button next to the delivery date.

Can I add products to my subscription?

Of course. You can add products to your subscription in the customer portal. Just click on the Edit button in the products card and edit, remove or add products to your subscription.


What happens if the payment can't be processed?

If the subscription can't be renewed because a payment can't be processed you will receive an email with a link where you can safely update your payment method. Our subscription app will retry your payment three times, then skip this month and try again next time. 

If you have any questions about subscriptions, contact us here (opens a new tab). Obviously if we get that same question frequently, it'll end up on this guide.