Do you find that you buy the same products from us on a monthly basis? Every month you need a bottle of beard oil, a bottle of beard conditioner, and a couple bars of soap. So every month, when you're starting to get low, you pull out the phone, load up the site, add everything to your cart (again) and check out (again).

If you're doing it regularly, then why not put it on auto-pilot? Our system will keep your order on file, as your payment method. Then, you'll receive your order every 30 days. Never worry about running out. Never even have to think about it. More things in life should be like that.

This makes things easier on us, too. So we offer 5% off any subscription order, which is another good reason to subscribe!


When you view one of our products, you will see two options for checkout. "One Time Purchase" is the default, and means that you just want us to send you the product once. "Subscribe and Save" is the other option. When you choose this, you'll be charged at checkout as with any other purchase. However, 30 days later, you will be charged again - and the same order will be sent to you again.

There is no limit to how long your subscription can last. We've got a guy who has gotten a Beard Oil Sample Pack every month for three years. You can, though, cancel your subscription - or alter it - any time you like.


When are my subscription orders charged?

You will be charged on a recurring 30 day cycle. After you place your first subscription order, your next order will occur precisely 30 days after you click submit on that checkout form.

Note: The exception to this is any monthly loot boxes, such as the Sinister Stash, which all ship on the first of every month regardless of when you order.

When will my subscription orders arrive?

You should receive your subscription orders every 30 days. We can't account for variations in delivery times, so this may vary by a day or two. These things can especially change in high-traffic times (such as right around Christmas) when courier services run a bit behind.

Why do you offer a 5% discount on subscriptions?

Hey, don't look a gift wolf in the mouth, my man! Seriously though, these subscriptions really help us out. Ideally we would love for all of our customers to be subscribers, because the more subscriptions we have, the easier it is for us to know what to expect. It helps inform us about how much of what product we should stock, taking out a lot of the logistical guesswork. Our warehouse isn't huge - we don't need to have a thousand Bigfoot lotions stocked if we're only expecting to ship out a hundred this month!

How can I cancel my subscription?

Log into your account by clicking the little dude icon at the top of the site (or clicking "log in" on the mobile menu). Once you're logged in, you'll see a "Manage Subscription" link. Click on that. Here, you'll see a view of your subscription orders. Select the one you want to modify, and you will see an expanded view that shows all items in the subscription.

Each item can be cancelled, skipped on the next order, modified, or swapped for another product entirely.

To cancel an entire subscription, you'll need to cancel each item on your subscription individually.

Can I add or remove items from my subscription?

Of course!

To remove items, navigate to the specific subscription (see previous question), and click on "cancel subscription" at the bottom of the screen.

To add items, go to the Active Subscriptions page as shown above. But rather than click on the subscription, you're going to click the "add a product" button right above that subscription. Choose what you want from the list, and choose your options (such as scent, size, etc) after that.

Can I swap an item on my subscription for another one?

This, too, can be done on your "manage subscriptions" page. Navigate to the item you want to swap, and click the "swap product" button at the bottom. Select the item you want instead from the menu, select your options, and click the "swap for this product" button.

What if I want the same product (i.e. beard oil) but want to get a different scent next time?

Easy enough. Click through to the product you want to change, and you will see several options that can all be altered. This includes quantity, variant (such as scent), next order date, and order frequency.

If you have any questions about subscriptions, contact us here (opens a new tab). Obviously if we get that same question frequently, it'll end up on this guide.