The Order of Monsters

The Order of Monsters is the charitable wing of MONSTER Flesh & Mane. We're a foundation, which means we collect donations and distribute them to various causes. We established the Order to benefit five groups: women, children, veterans, the disabled, and the hungry. This page lists our specific charitable partners. After, read on for more about the history and specific activities of the Order.

Our Partners

The Gary Sinise Foundation

To some, he's Lieutenant Dan. To me, he'll always be East Texas, cause The Stand is way more metal than Forest Gump. But to veterans all over the United States, Gary Sinise is a f***ing hero. This organization helps veterans, their families, and the families of active service members who are often in need. It can be really easy to be stretched to your limit when your spouse is away fighting overseas, or when they've come back injured, or even disabled. And let's face it - the US Government doesn't do enough for our troops, especially after they get back. Gary's there to fill in the gaps, and he does a damn good job of it.


V Day

Violence is never a great thing, but violence against women and girls is something our society considers particularly deplorable. V Day exists to end violence against all women, all over the world, particularly through the use of art and education. They're the creators of One Billion Rising - "the largest mass action to demand an end to violence against women" ever created. They fight against systematic rape, oppression, and violence against all women, and the Order supports them in their efforts! 

Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA)

BACA was MONSTER's first charitable partner. For the last few years, we've been donating to them every December. Now they're one of the Order's mainstays.This is a group of bikers that seeks to create a safer environment for abused children. We've got friends in the organization, and have been able to see first hand the sorts of things they get up to. Sometimes they just visit with a child, and sometimes they work with state and local officials to ensure that a child is in the safest possible environment. What impresses us most about them is the little things, though. Imagine you're a kid who has a rough home life. Your dad has a temper and you are the punching bag all too often. Then a biker gang comes over, hangs out with you, plays football with you in the backyard, and lets you know they've got your back. And your abuser knows it, too. That's the sort of thing we've seen, and it's why we support these ladies and gentlemen.

4 Paws For Ability

4 Paws For Ability has a simple mission: To breed, train, and distribute life-changing service dogs to children in need. A simple mission, but with resounding effects. There is much that our furry friends can do to help the disabled - whether that guide dogs for the blind, mobility-assitance dogs for folks that need help getting around, diabetes alert dogs...these people even train therapy dogs that go to hospitals. We highly advise you to go look up videos of this, but try to do it privately because your eyes are bound to leak a little. We in the Order of Monsters believe that a friend with a fuzzy face is a friend worth having, so we support 4 Paws in their quest to distribute such friends to every child in need.

Feeding America
That great thing about Feeding America is that they're one of the real fundamental charities out there. What do they do? They feed the hungry. Period. These good people are partnered with various food suppliers who sell them excess product at a deep discount, allowing them to stretch their donations as far as possible (last we checked, they were claiming they could provide a meal for 8 cents!). That food is then distributed to their partner network of 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs. We all fall on hard times, and places like this are vital for helping people survive through economic recovery, or helping those who are elderly or disabled make ends meet. In a country as great as The United States, no one should go hungry. Feeding America is helping to make that a reality.


The Order of Monsters and the Sinister Stash go hand-in-hand. The idea for the Order came first; we wanted to create a part of our business that existed to donate to worthy causes. We came up with the Sinister Stash as the primary vehicle through which we could do that. As a monthly subscription box, we can easily get a clear picture of how many subscribers the Stash has, and thus what our donation will be on any given month. The subscription nature of the Stash also makes it a more reliable means of collecting donations than any individual product would.
After the Stash has shipped to all subscribers for the month, we take a portion of the proceeds and divide them up among our five chosen charities. The Order is still new, but we've already donated thousands of dollars to various organizations. As subscribers grow, so too does the size of these donations.
If you want to help, right now the best way is to subscribe to the Sinister Stash. Do do not have a way to directly donate to the Order. If you wish to make direct donations, we ask that you do so to the individual charities themselves.