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Monster Cologne

Monster Cologne

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Our beard oils, soaps, and shampoos are scented with some unique fragrances. If you'd like those scents to hang around longer, you're in for a real treat. MONSTER cologne is made with the same fragrances as our other products, but the alcohol base allows it to linger.

The fragrances are subtle but lasting. They do not overwhelm, so you won't be that guy. Instead they simmer quietly for hours, offering anyone lucky enough to get close to you a good reason to stay there.

    Each bottle contains 10ml of fragrance (about a month's supply with daily use). The roller bottles allow you to apply your fragrance directly to your skin rather than using the old school spray nozzle.

    Do not apply near an open flame. It's 80% alcohol, and that alcohol is super high proof. So be careful.

    Notes on shipping: We can't ship these outside the USA. If we get an order like that, we will have to cancel it. Also, they cannot be shipped priority or express; if you order it with other stuff, it will probably come in a separate package. This is a safety thing with couriers because large ethanol content.

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