Sole Survivor Contest

When you purchase our Mutant Survivor Soap, it will come labeled with one of four character artworks - Vantucky Bill, Spencer Spack, Sgt. Mike, or Clyde. Every order will receive a random character.

One character however, will only be used on one label and sent to only one customer. That character will be denoted as the SOLE SURVIVOR on the label. that bar will come with a code that will get you April's Sinister Stash for FREE!

Who gets the bar will be completely luck-of-the-draw. Whether you're the first to order or the last to order, you've got an equal chance of winning!

If you happen to win, we'd love for you to send us a picture of your order - it'll help when we announce the close of the contest on our social media pages!

The contest has no specific end date, but this is a limited edition soap, so when we are out of stock the contest is over.

Check out the Mutant Survivor page to get it going!

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