Beard Oil

Beard Oil Varieties: Choosing Your New Oil

Beard Monster offers a lot of variety when it comes to our fragrances. That can seem a little overwhelming, but this brief synopsis of each scent should help you choose the right one for you. All of Beard Monster's fragrances have the same top quality base of jojoba, almond, and meadowfoam oils that will hydrate, condition, soften, and volumize your beard.

Monster Oils

The Monster line is our beard oil original line, with scents based primarily on wood and spice. These are masculine and exotic scents, and a bit edgier than the ones you may have tried before. Our fragrances are naturally derived, using either essential oils or infusions (for those scents that do not come from essential oils, but rather from resins or special extraction methods).

  • The Bigfoot: Cedar is the primary ingredient in the Bigfoot scent blend, but it is not the only one. There is a sweet top note to this scent that has a very subtle hint of licorice. The base is rounded out by a blend of earthy tones. The Bigfoot is woodsy, and slightly mysterious.
  • The Ghostly Pirate: Easily our most complex fragrance, this scent smells of spiced rum with a strong note of orange. It does not contain bay rum, so it is not harsh (like your grandpa's aftershave). 
  • The Vampire Hunter: Based on the image of the Victorian era vampire hunter, and influenced heavily by Bram Stoker's character Abraham Van Helsing, this oil's scent comes from an infusion of sweet pipe tobacco and a blend of spice oils. It smells similar to the sweet aroma of fine cigars, with the sort of old spice fragrance you smell in a spice shop, or in the pages of old books. 
  • The Wolfman: The Wolfman's chief scent comes from Siberian fir needles, which have a tangy pine fragrance. By adding earthy essential oils, and a few drops of clove, this tanginess is rounded out and left smelling exactly like a walk in a pine forest.
  • The Zombie Killer: Beard Monster originated in Georgia, and those of us who make the oils lived there for almost three decades. The Zombie Killer is our tribute to our home state. It's an eclectic blend of pine, tobacco, and a special infusion of sweet tea made from black tea, bergamot, and a touch of honeysuckle. Those from Georgia who have used this oil all say how much it reminds them of growing up down here. And that's what we were aiming for.
  • The Reaper: A lot of beard oils contain a trace amount of tea tree oil to impart its many benefits on your beard and skin. Tea tree is believed to have so many health benefits that when naming this fragrance, we had a vision of withered, dead plants in the underworld, with the tea tree as the only one so brimming full of life that even the reaper can not snuff out its light. This oil uses a bit more tea tree than the average oil, and rounds out its potent fragrance with a bit of peppermint. (The Reaper was known as Death's Garden until November 2016).
  • Witch Doctor: For those of you who love the beach, the islands, and the great tropical destinations in the world, we offer this sweet and tangy citrus fragrance. You'll notice lime above all else, with a middle note of mandarin orange, rounded out by a warm vanilla base and just a hint of coconut.
  • The Creature: Frankenstein's monster escaped from the doctor's lab and took to the woods. Here he hid himself from the world, occasionally associating with a family who lived in an old wooden cabin. Like the creature in the novel, this fragrance is strong and rustic, containing powerful, long-lasting notes of Cedar, Fir, Patchouli, Bergamot, and Frankincense.
  • The Viking: Our tribute to the sea-faring, warrior poets of old. This fragrance has several levels; you're likely to get a touch of citrus at first, quickly giving way to the nutty, grassy tone of vetiver. There's a touch of sweetness in the middle, and a strong, woodsy base with prominent notes of cedar. 
  • Psycho Clown: Nicknamed "Screamsickle." This scent is comprised of sweet blood orange and our special vanilla infusion. The result is the familliar fragrance of orange cream confections. The Psycho Clown is a sinister candy man. Come on up to the truck and get some.
  • Jack the Ripper: Studies have shown that the two scents men respond best to are lavender and vanilla. So for the true ripper (a Victorian term for a gentleman), we offer up a combination of both. 


Premium Oils

  • Gravedigger: (Formerly Grave Moss, changed in June 2017) This premium beard oil carries a fresh, earthy scent, like ground after a summer rain. It contains oak moss, a bold essential oil that has been used for centuries in products for men, and is prized for it's woodsy, smokey, earthy fragrance. We blend it with grassy vetiver and a touch of light citrus oils to give it that "fresh" scent (without imparting much of a citrusy aroma). It's a lot like the unmistakable scent of nature after rain. 


    Beard Oil FAQ

    What is Beard Oil?

    Beard oil is the first product every beard needs. If you've grown a beard out before, or had one for a while, you know they are often itchy and dry. The hair is coarse. The skin under it gets flaky and itchy. It's these qualities that kept beards out of style for the last couple of hundred years.

    Beard oil is what fixes all this. It moisturizes the hair of your beard and the skin under it, preventing dryness and minimizing flakes - often down to nothing. It softens that coarse hair, which goes a long way to please romantic partners. Beard oil is also generally scented with essential oils that make your beard smell awesome. Beard Monster oils have masculine scents that are mysterious and exotic. That, combined with our extremely effective base of natural oils, is what sets our products apart from the others.

    How do I apply beard oil?


    1. Buy Monster beard oil (CRUCIAL).

    2. Remove dropper and place a drop at the "four corners" of your face. Two at the sideburns, one at each side of the chin. 

    2. Drop desired amount into the palm of your hand.

    - Short or new beards will require only 2-4 drops of oil.
    - At 6-9 months, you may want to bump that up to 5-6.
    - 1+ Year beards can benefit from 7-8 drops.
    - After 18 months or so, you can figure out how much you need.

    These numbers may also be subject change based on the climate where you live! If you're in the dessert, you probably need more. If you're in a humid area, maybe less. Experiment and see what works best for you!

    3. Rub oil into your palms. Gently rub - you don't need to work it into the skin of your hands, just smear it.

    4. Work the oil into your beard. Rub it along the top side, then massage your fingers into the hair, being sure to pay special attention to the skin under your beard. That's where you need it most.

    5. Use a boar bristle brush to brush the oil into your beard. This will get it evenly distributed and make sure that your beard is thoroughly coated.

    6. You can also use a comb at this point for added style.

    7. If you want to use beard balm, apply it at this point. Repeat steps 5 and 6 after.

    Pro Tips:

    • ​The fragrance will last a few hours, but even once it has faded, the oil will still be working. You shouldn't need to apply more than once a day. If you find that your beard is drying out between applications, add a couple more drops next time.The ideal time to apply oil is after a shower, when your beard is nice and clean. 
    • Wait until it dries first, though; remember, oil and water don't mix.
    • Beard oil is good for beards of all sizes. Even fledgling beards can benefit from the nutrients in the oil. Vitamin E, in particular, has been shown to promote hair growth, and the natural oils present will combat the itchy, dry skin that often causes would-be beardsmen to reach for the razor.

    How can I make my beard thicker?

    There are a few fundamentals to good beard growth. An active lifestyle and a good diet can both contribute to a healthy beard. Beard oil can also help with volume. Far better though is beard balm, a product made with beeswax, shea butter, and coconut oil, all of which can have a volumizing effect on your beard. The use of a good beard comb can also help with the appearance of thickness; use it to fluff up your beard hair by coming up from the underside, then smooth back into place with your hands for a super thick look.

    Should I use beard oil and beard balm together?

    The short answer is yes. Oil and balm have two different functions. Oil serves to hydrate and condition your beard. Balm provides you with hold and volume. The shea butter in the balm also serves to lock in moisture, enhancing the hydrating power of the oils in our beard oil and the balm itself. Balm is a little heavier, so we don't recommend using it every day. It might not hurt anything, but it's good to let your beard breathe. But when you do use balm, it's fine (and generally preferable) to use both products together.