Creature Soap by Vic Frankensteins - A Frankincense Soap for Men

Creature Bar Soap

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The Creature is probably the toughest monster living at the Monster Lair. It's that skin of his; it's basically impenetrable. But tough skin can cause all kinds of problems. For example, he needs a really strong exfoliating soap to have any hope of scrubbing that rhino hide.

That's why the good doctor created this soap. The poppy seeds make the perfect exfoliator - abrasive, but not harsh. The matcha and dandelion powders are full of skin-healthy nutrients, and the activated charcoal powder is detoxifying, helping get your skin extra clean.

All that is tossed into our pure coconut oil soap base - the most moisturizing, best lathering soap there is. And with a scent so good, the doctor saw fit to use it for this tribute to his most successful creation. That's a warm, tangy base of bergamot and vanilla with the intoxicating, resinous spice of frankincense. It's good enough for the Creature (by which we mean it keeps him happy enough not to go around smashing the place up), so it's good enough for us.

Ingredients: saponified coconut oil, water, poppy seeds, natural fragrance, matcha powder, dandelion powder, activated charcoal powder, mica