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Beard Wash and Beard Conditioner Set

Beard Wash and Beard Conditioner Set

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This combo set includes our beard wash and beard conditioner. Everything you need to get your beard's shower routine on point. Our beard wash is a gentle cleanser that will clean your beard without stripping too much of its natural oils, while our conditioner is silky as all hell, and will soften and detangle your beard like nothing you've ever used. 


Make sure to focus on the roots of your beard and the skin underneath when using the wash. Build-up of dirt and oil at the roots is one of the primary causes of beard dandruff.

Focus on the opposite side with the conditioner; the ends like the split without a good conditioning, so to keep it healthy, pay attention to those ends!

Use beard wash 2-3 times a week. Use conditioner as often as you like.

If you've never used a beard conditioner, consider using our conditioner daily for 6-8 weeks, then backing off if you like. A daily regimen will get your beard soft and super manageable quicker.

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    Fight the Darkness.

    Your beard is beset on all sides by evil forces. Dirt, dehydration, and the ever-looming fear of the dandruff demon. This combo is like a crucifix and a wooden stake for threats to your mane's well-being. Clean it and tame it.