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Extra Soaps

Extra Soaps

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· Leprechaun: Clary sage, lavender, cedar, a bit of white sage.

· Phoenix: Vetiver, oakmoss, gardenia, and thyme blend into a smoky, spicy, slightly sweet "campfire" style fragrance.

· Banshee: Black tea and the mild citrus of citron blend with orange blossoms to make a slightly sweet, fresh, rainy spring scent.


saponified coconut oil, water, fragrance

Scarecrow also contains: cocoa powder, mica

Overstock soap. Much like regular soap, but far more stocked than we would like.

Here you'll find any soaps that were special edition (seasonal scents, etc.). If we have some left over at the end of a special event, we'll put them up cheap on here.

Note: Clearance soap does not count toward bundle discounts.

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