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Monster Party Bundle

Monster Party Bundle

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Saponified coconut oil, water, fragrance*, other*

*See individual soap pages for further details on each variety

In This Bundle

17 Bars of Soap - Every Scent We Have!

· Bigfoot (Northwest Cedar)
· Bride (Chocolate / Vanilla)
· Creature (Frankincense Monster)
· Dracula (Cedarwood & Rose)
· Elizabeth Bathory (Lemongrass & Amber)
· Gentleman Jack (Lavender Vanilla)
· Ghostly Pirate (Spiced Blood Orange)
· Lilith (Rose & Mint)
· Marie Laveau Soap (Sweet Southern Bourbon)
· Psycho Clown (Blood Orange Vanilla)
· Vampire Hunter (Leather & Spice)
· Viking (Cedarwood & Bergamot)
· Witch (Mystic Vetiver)
· Witch Doctor (Key Lime & Coconut)
· Wolfman (Evergreen Forest)
· Zombie Killer (Honeysuckle & Sweet Tea)


This is the bundle for someone who wants to try every variety of soap available here at the MONSTER Lair. All the monsters are represented here, from Bigfoot to the Zombie Killer and all the wicked creatures in between. 

This bundle is also the best value of all of our bundles, representing the best savings of all any of them!

You'll get 17 bars of soap in total, with a variety of fragrance and exfoliation options that you just can't beat anywhere in the underworld.


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