Beard Wash

Do you wash your beard with regular shampoo? Okay, stop that. Now. You're drying it out like crazy. What you need is this mega-moisturizing beard wash. What makes it so great? Our wash is specially formulated with gentle ingredients that clean without stripping vital natural oil from your beard hair. It includes natural oils infused with five key ingredients: burdock root, saw palmetto berries, aloe, calendula, and nettles. These natural ingredients have been used for many years to promote healthy hair growth. Combined with silk amino acids, this oil adds a silky finish to our shampoo, giving it a uniquely effective, smooth lather that cleans but does not dry you out. Top it off with our killer fragrances, and you've got a beard shampoo that cleans and hydrates your beard like nothing else.

You will also find Beard Monster's Beard Conditioner to be extremely moisturizing. "Silky" isn't an overtly masculine term, but frankly, it's quite silky. It will keep your beard soft, detangled, and free from split-ends that make beard health virtually impossible. Pick up a bottle of both to make your beard as healthy as possible!

Always remember to condition with Beard Monster beard oil after washing your beard.