Dracula Soap by Vic Frankensteins - A Goat Milk Rose Scented Soap for Men
Dracula Bar Soap

Dracula Bar Soap

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The Prince of Darkness is nothing if not one smooth motherf***er. He's a ladykiller - maybe more literal at times than others. So in honor of his smooth style, the good Dr. Frankenstein created this silky goat milk soap.

To make a soap with decadent moisturizing capability, we infuse goat milk with rose petals over low heat for about an hour (the witching hour is preferable). The top layer is tinted with rose kaolin clay. It's got nothing to do with roses, it's just a pinkish clay.

The difference with a goat milk soap is pretty obvious after your first time using it. Soap is, basically, a combination of a fat base (usually oil), and a mixture of water and lye. Dracula bar soap uses goat milk instead of water, adding extra fat to the recipe. This creates a soap with a velvety texture that is much more moisturizing than ordinary soaps - even our other coconut oil soaps.

The base is pure coconut oil, which has a great lather and is very gentle on your skin's natural oil. The fragrance is a blend of rose, wood, and traces of lavender and tangerine (just to give it that little extra something).

If you have extremely dry skin, or work in dry or hot environments, Dracula may be the soap your skin has been screaming in the night for.

Ingredients: saponified coconut oil, goat milk, natural fragrance, kaolin clay, rose essence