Jack the Ripper Soap by Vic Frankensteins - A Lavender Vanilla Soap for Men

Jack the Ripper Bar Soap

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A recent study showed that the two scents that appeal most the men are lavender and vanilla. Even if we tell the scientists we like something else better, it's these scents that really illuminate our brain bulbs more than any other. So, scientifically speaking, you're very likely to enjoy Jack the Ripper soap.

Like most of our soaps, we've also got an unconventional exfoliator in this bad boy - lavender flowers. It fits the theme, and we can even grow the ingredients ourselves in the Monster Lair's poison gar -- er, garden for very safe plants. Yep.

The coconut oil base in this soap will get you plenty clean, but is so gentle that some people use it in their beards and hair. It's highly respectful of your body's natural oils. All soaps strip oil from skin - that's how they work - but they don't have to leave you feeling completely desiccated. This one will treat your flesh like a new puppy - nice and easy.


Ingredients: Saponified coconut oil, water, natural fragrance, lavender flowers