Viking Soap by Vic Frankensteins - A Vetiver Cedarwood Soap for Men

Viking Bar Soap

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The barbarian image of the viking people is actually quite the misconception. Sure, the vikings were warlike raiders who would drive their ships to new lands, fight the hordes, sing and cry "Valhalla, I am coming!" But they also wrote poetry, had a rich spirituality, and were among history's most famous beard groomers. So don't you doubt for a minute that the viking man liked to keep clean and look his best!

This soap is something we imagine one of those viking warriors would have enjoyed. We included juniper berries in it for exfoliation, and scented it with our Viking blend - a mix of cedar, vetiver, and bergamot.

This here is an artisan, pure coconut oil soap handmade with mad science in the MONSTER Lair.  The lather is outstanding, the clean is unparalleled, and the gentle, moisturizing feel is perfection in a little 3" x 3" square.