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Witch Doctor Bar Soap

Witch Doctor Bar Soap

Key lime & coconut

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key lime & coconut

Meet the Monsters - Detailed Scent descriptions.


saponified coconut oil, water, fragrance, shredded coconut, lime zest

Special Properties

ยท Light Exfoliation (Lime Zest & Shredded Coconut)

If you like tropical scents, you're going to flip your f***ing lid over this soap.

We start with our coconut oil base, saponified with the highest quality lye. We then add ground coconut flakes and lime zest. This not only provides a backdrop for the Witch Doctor fragrance, but also offers up light exfoliation. These little bits bake slowly as the soap cures, and firm up, creating a slightly abrasive surface for your soap that's great for helping scrape away from of that dead skin that sits on top of your epidermis.

But let's get back to this scent. With key lime, coconut, hints of vanilla and blood orange, the Witch Doctor is for sure our most tropical fragrance. When using it in the shower, holy s*** does it come to life. Close your eyes, lather that puppy up, and pretend you're somewhere more awesome than you are. Like somewhere with beaches. (If you live somewhere with beaches, pretend you're somewhere with beaches but you also don't have to go to work today. Better, right?).

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  • Coconut Oil

    100% Pure and Natural
    The most moisturizing soap oil with a wicked lather.

  • Lime Zest & Shredded Coconut

    All natural, light exfoliators.

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A Word on Exfoliating Soaps

At MONSTER Flesh & Mane, we use four grades of exfoliation in our soaps.

These soaps do not have any exfoliation ingredients and thus require no special instructions.

With the finest grit, the exfoliating ingredients in these soaps will gently scrub away dead skin from the topmost layer. Less effective, but great for daily use. Use as normal.

These soaps have slightly coarser grit, or harder bits that will exfoliate a bit harder. If you just scrub away with these, you may cause some irritation and scratching of your skin. Slow it down a bit.

The exfoliating ingredients in these soaps are coarse or especially hard, and will seriously abrade away dead skin. Use slow, deliberate circles when scrubbing with these soaps. Not for every day use; use only as needed.