Zombie Killer Soap by Vic Frankensteins - Sweet Tea Honeysuckle Scented Soap for Men

Zombie Killer Bar Soap

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The Zombie Killer soap is for men of sophistication who nonetheless require a serious soap.

Packed with Earl Grey tea - which compliments the black tea scent of the soap - as well as ground honeysuckle, this is one of our grittiest soaps. It's great for exfoliation when you need something that's not overly harsh.

The scent is one that's special to our hearts, as it consists of elements that remind us of being back in Georgia (our original home, where we lived ten minutes from the set of The Walking Dead TV show - appropriate, right?). Our natural fragrance elements blend into something that smells a bit like black tea, a bit like evergreens, and a bit like honeysuckle. That's the scent of a warm, summer night in Georgia. If you know that smell, you'll dig what's in this soap.

Ingredients: Saponified coconut oil, water, natural fragrance, earl grey tea, ground honeysuckle